Three Day Intensive on Treating the Child with Hypotonia

Course Description:

This three day intensive workshop on treating the child with hypotonia will focus on specific strategies to improve motor control in this population. Techniques to improve proximal control, sustained postural movements against gravity, and symmetrical alignment will be demonstrated through use of videotapes, as well as patient demonstrations and practice labs. Participants will learn treatment strategies that can be applied in various practice settings to improve functional performance and independence in children with hypotonia: Down Syndrome, DCD (developmental coordination disorders), Cerebral Palsy, Genetic Disorders, Seizure Disorders

Enrollment is limited

The participant will be able to:
Discuss the underlying motor organization issues seen in hypotonia.
Plan and implement a therapy program for the hypotonic child.
Analyze movement patterns of the hypotonic child.
Determine which muscles the hypotonic child overuses for stability.
Practice a variety of facilitation techniques for head control, upper and lower extremity control, and general posture.

What others are saying:

"Very honored to have met Ms. Hypes. She brings wisdom & expertise in all she does." - Rosanne DeLeon, PT

"An excellent course to review concepts, practice methods, interact with colleagues and leave having a resurgence of motivation in problem solving and improving handling techniques. This course helps bring back the why in one's treatment methodology." - Larry Sulhan, PT

"The instructor is phenomenal and presented great material."

Barbara continues to be excited about pediatric physical therapy and passionate about her treatments and it shows in the way she presents. This course was realistic, informative, and treatment-focused. As a new therapist, I am leaving this course with a lot of new treatment ideas that I can immediately apply to my caseload.
Danika Nice, Physical Therapist

Barbara delivers a brilliant and captivating seminar.
Don Ludwig, Physical Therapist

Barbara is a very dynamic speaker. She provides practical and meaningful information that is easy to understand. I cant wait to apply my new found knowledge to my caseload. Laura Arduino, Physical Therapist


Barbara Hypes