Treatment of the Neurologic Upper Extremity

Course Description:

This interactive workshop is designed to teach participants to comprehensively evaluate and develop an evidence-based intervention plan for the neurologic upper extremity. Management of the upper extremity (ex. managing subluxation, spasticity, weakness and pain) as well as improving functional use of the upper extremity will be emphasized. Teaching strategies include: lecture, demonstration, questions and answers, and clinical problem solving using slides and videotapes. Specific issues include: neurological/biomechanical impairments that impact upon function, superimposed orthopedic limitations, methods of shoulder support/stabilization, optimizing integration of the arm into ADL/mobility and decreasing the impact of stereotypical movement patterns. In addition, multiple interventions will be presented that can be immediately implemented into practice.

Participants will be able to:
1. Comprehensively evaluate both neurologic and orthopedic aspects of the involved upper extremity using standardized and non-standardized assessments.
2. Be proficient in the implementation of multiple intervention techniques to improve functional use, prevent/control pain syndromes, contracture and overuse of stereotypical movement patterns and manage movement disorders such as ataxia/ tremor.
3. Be familiar with and apply current motor control research that supports and/or challenges current management of the neurologic upper extremity.

What others are saying:

"I like the incorporation of AOL into all of the treatments with explanation of rationale for evidence based practice - very neatly tied together." -Kathi Grant, OT

"A wonderful course! Dynamic and engaging presenter.Great job!" -Bea Henriksson, OT

"Glen used a great mix of lecture, slides, personal stories and video to keep the course interesting.I definitely feel that I have learned some great ways to improve my clinical skills as an OT." -Stacy Munson, OT

"I really enjoyed this course. Glen is a knowledgable and dynamic speaker. I have many new interventions and strategies to bring back to my patients." -Patty Potter, OT


Glen Gillen

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