Evaluation and Treatment of Cognitive-Perceptual Problems: A Function-Based Approach

Course Description:

Choosing an assessment tool that will be useful in guiding treatment for your client with cognitive-perceptual impairments can be challenging. This workshop will enable you to select the most appropriate tools to determine effective treatment strategies, prioritize goals and predict outcomes for your clients in all practice settings (neurorehabilitation, pediatrics, mental health, home care, etc.) Assessments that use relevant occupations to identify impairments will be highlighted.

Participants will be able to:
. Identify specific impairments (neglect, apraxia, body scheme disorders, spatial dysfunction, agnosia, etc.) while observing daily living skills.

2. Choose and have working knowledge of standardized assessments including: the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, Assessment of Motor and Process Skills, A-One, Behavioral Inattention Test, Kitchen Task Assessment, Multiple Errands Test, the Kettle Test, and Executive Function Performance Test etc.
3. Interpret errors that occur during ADL and mobility and categorize them according to impairment.
4. Critique present means of assessment.

What others are saying:

"I like the incorporaton of AOL into all of the treatments with explanation of rationale for evidence based practice - very neatly tied together." -Kathi Grant, OT

"A wonderful course! Dynamic and engaging presenter. Great job!" -Bea Henriksson, OT

"Glen used a great mix of lecture, slides, personal stories and video to keep the course interesting.I definitely feel that I have learned some great ways to improve my clinical skills as an OT." -Stacy Munson, OT


Glen Gillen

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Stroke Rehabilitation, 3rd Edition - A Function-Based Approach
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