Yoga and Pilates Therapy for the Child with Special Needs

Course Description:

Are you frustrated when the children you are treating don't achieve the expected outcomes? This extensive Lab workshop will arm you with new tools to incorporate into your therapeutic approach. Learn to integrate Pilates and Yoga exercise techniques to improve strength, core stabilization, flexibility, self regulation, sensory processing, body awareness and more. The course is designed for children from the premature infant in the NICU to the School Age child with: Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Autism, ADHD, Sensory processing disorders, Low tone, High tone or Fluctuating tone, Mild mental retardation, Hard of hearing. The course is designed for children from the premature infant in the NICU to the School Age child with: Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida Autism, ADHD, Sensory processing disorders Low tone, High tone or Fluctuating tone Whatothers are saying: "Angelique presents material clear & concise. The techniques are easy to apply and modified techniques are given for all applicatons.Excellent!" -Tom Iskra, OT "This class was awesome. Never a dull or boring moment! It was really fun but at the same time informative. Best class I've had ever so far!"-Marisol Rodriguez, COTA "Great course! Material provided was very user friendly. I will be able to refer back to infor for further use. Angelique was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I loved all the hands on work too!"-Jessica Romano "Angelique is an amazing instructor .I loved her hands-on approach. She provided us with adaptations for all the yoga poses. This is an excellent course for any school-based therapist because there is little to no equipment and can be taught to school staff and done in small spaces." -Joan Kimber, OT "I recently attended Angeliques Yoga and Pilates for the Special Needs Child held in Livingston, NJ. I just want to say that in all my 30 years of working as a physical therapist, it was one of the best hands-on applicable courses I have been to. I could immediately return to the school and use the techniques. I also appreciated Angelique giving us her presentation on a CD. I printed out the poses and the explanations and made my own laminated cards to use in PT and gross motor group. Her enthusiasm for the topic is infectious." -Jane Bandstra, PT, MS "I left this course with a completely new understanding of yoga/pilates AND how to apply it to my pediatric case load. She made it fun and interesting, and really made it clear. Her methods and interaction with the class was awesome-I can only imagine the kids must think she's amazing."-Michele Pittenger, PTA "Angelique is an excellent presenter. This was one of the best courses I've attended. She prepared me well in teaching yoga techniques to begin implementing ASAP! This course was excellent!"-Arti Dusara, OT