Mealtime Miseries: Management of Complex Feeding Issues

Course Description:

Carol and Elizabeth share their 30 years of combined clinical practice and expertise in this unique feeding course. Together they have developed the TRansdisciplinary Effective Assessment and Treatment (TR-eatTM) model. This model melds medical management, skill building and behavioral interventions to create a distinctive treatment method with outstanding outcomes for children with complex feeding problems. This dynamic course will cover innovative strategies, using video case examples, to address oral aversion, food refusal, poor transition onto solid foods, texture grading, learning to chew, self feeding and feeding difficulties related to autism and picky eaters. This course is packed with practical solutions and extensive written handouts that will empower you with new treatment methods for your most complex patients. These interventions are systematic and evidence based with research supporting outcomes. This course is appropriate for clinicians with all levels of experience.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:
Identify the foundation of the TR-eatTM model.
Identify variables that produce complex pediatric feeding problems including: medical, oral motor and behavioral.

Explain feeding problems across developmental stages.
Explain the use of behavioral strategies including shaping, chaining and fading as a catalyst to enhance oral motor and therapeutic skill building.

Identify texture grading techniques and apply them to the process of making pureed table foods for children weaning from tube feedings and learning how to chew.
List 3 or moretreatment strategies for picky eaters, including those with autism, using behavioral interventions.
Identify methods to improveproblem solving skills through careful analysis in order to determine the most effective treatment plan to maximize desired outcomes.

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What others are saying:

This was a wonderful continuing education experience. I have never come away from a workshop with so many practical ideas and techniques that I can immediately use in my practice. Well done!"
Linda Newsome, SLP

"This is the best feeding course that I've attended. Practical, sound and useful!"
Theresa Gushaulis, OTR

"The information presented over these past two days was really helpful for me. By attending this session I feel much more confident in my practice of nurse nutritionist as a EI provider. I now have the tools I need to provide much better service for the babies and families that I serve." Carolyn Rimmer, RN

"This was a fantastic, interactive class that provided tools and handouts that can immediately be used in the clinic setting. I would definitely recommend for any clinician that is doing feeding in their practice." -Amanda Mihelich

"This course provided a systematic approach to feeding. It provided an understanding of the areas to address/evaluate. The course then gave description and demonstration of hands on therapy techniques. The videos were an excellent opportunity to view 'live' therapy sessions with 'real' patients. The presenters made you feel as if you were one of their coworkers. They were very approachable and easy to follow. Fabulous course!"-Angie Coggin, SLP


Carol Elliott
Elizabeth Clawson

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