Evidence Based Treatment in Parkinsons Disease, MS, Stroke Rehab and Other Neurologic Disorders

Course Description:

This course will help make evidence based strategieseasy to integrate into your adult neuro-rehab practice.Outcome measures and treatments will be presented for
persons with neurological diagnoses including acute,chronic and degenerative. Current thinking aboutneuroplasticity, motor learning and cardiovascular fitness will be woven into all treatment approaches. Specific treatments discussed will be both evidence basedand emerging, with an emphasis on those that improvefunctional participation, ambulation, upper extremityskill and prevent falls. Special emphasis will be ontreatment programs and strategies that are feasible inthe clinic. Presentation and discussion will include
details needed for translation to your clinic immediately

At the end of this course you will be able to do thefollowing specific to clients with neurological diagnoses.
Incorporate evidence based neurologicalPT & OT practice across the continuum of care.
Develop treatment strategies based on evidenceand foundational principles.
Utilize standardized outcome measures to evaluate/monitor progress of clients and identify clinically meaningful changes.
Identify risk factors for falls and effective treatment strategies for fall prevention and reducehospital re-admissions.
Utilize evidence based practice resources thatare available to guide clinical neuro-rehab practice for UE and LE functional outcome.

What others are saying:

"This course was excellent. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about the topics covered and has very good suggestions on how to implement ideas into clinical practice." -D. Abel

"The speaker was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in answering all questions and demonstrating various ways in using e-stim in any clinical setting with function outcomes addressed." -S. Plaster

"Kari Dunning is an outstanding and enthusiastic lecturer who is a delight to listen to because she makes learning about the latest research on neurologic disorders easy to understand. She thoroughly knows about many research studies so you are constantly learning new things. She is well organized in her slideshow presentation, her course book and her lectures. I will take many of her ideas back to my clinic to share with my patients and co-workers." -S. Wu

"The material was well organized and easy to follow. I thought it was extremely relevant to my current practice and I can bring this information into the clinic immediately."-L Gerkhardt, PT

"This course was great! Very informative with good information that applies to everyday use in the clinic. There were so many great treatment ideas that we can start practicing right away. Kari made everything fun, interesting, and easy! Loved the whole presentation! Thank you!" -B. Satow

"This course was wonderful! Dr. Dunning used the most up-to-date research to teach the foundation and treatment for those with CVA, Parkinson's and MS. I feel confident and excited to apply what I have learned in the clinic! Would highly recommend this course."-E. Stryker, PT


Kari Dunning

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