Building Strength, Bones, Balance and Function: Adapting Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga in Rehab

Course Description:


This intensive hands-on lab course will arm you withnew tools to enhance functional outcomes, promotebalance and decrease falls. Learn to apply and modifyYoga, Pilates and Tai Chi into your therapeutic regimefor all practice settings with patients of all abilities.Application for health promotion and wellness will becovered.Learn successful techniques to use in stroke, geriatricsand adult treatment to facilitate core stabilization, musclere-education, postural alignment, symmetry, mobility,and movement awareness to increase function, improvebalance and decrease falls.

Apply immediately to patients with:
-neurologic dysfunction
-orthopedic dysfunction
-medical complexities
-cardiovascular and respiratory disease
-myofascial pain


What others are saying:

This course offers the practicing therapist a holistic means to approach patient care. Tim takes great time to answer individual questions, and provides helpful insight with patient treatment. Its nice to attend a course taught by a practicing therapist. -Amie Germain, Occupational Therapist

Tim is such a dynamic teacher. He presents an orderly, efficient integration of techniques that can be used instantly in any therapeutic setting. If you care about your patients, this course is a must! -Geri LaGrua, Physical Therapist

Tim Dreher really opened my eyes to a whole new set of techniques that I can immediately implement when I get back to my practice. The amount of knowledge I received in just 2 days is invaluable! -John Lynch, Physical Therapist

"Tim was a very engaging speaker who kept all disciplines interest in the subject matter. It was very helpful to take a course that was interactive, and gave us the ability to practice putting the exercises into clinical scenarios."-Carla McPherson, ATC


Tim Dreher