Strength Exercise for Aging Adults to Improve Function

Course Description:

Whether you work in home health, outpatient, skillednursing, a rehab center, or acute care, this courseis designed to help you enhance your strengthexercise treatments in a clinically realistic and practical way.Reimbursement and regulatory challengesmake the provision of therapy more challengingthan ever. How does one employ evidence-based
treatment principles when there seems to be lessand less time to treat patients? And, on top of that,deliver expected, superior clinical outcomes?Muscular weakness in aging adults is effectivelytreated when using the proper exercise protocols.Unfortunately, many therapists use strength exercise approaches that are not research-based, resulting in sub-par patient strength gains. This heavilyevidence-based seminar will provide you with the
information needed to deliver safe and highly effective optimal strength exercise to aging adults. Thecourse is designed to enable you to immediatelyand efficiently incorporate the learned material intoyour treatments to help you get great treatmentresults!

At the conclusion of the seminar, the attendee will:

Recognize why physical weakness in the elderly is aserious issue and understand the strength buildingprinciples essential to counteracting weakness.
Defend the capabilities of the elderly to gainstrength as a result of performing optimal resistance exercise.
List the advantages, limitations, and practicalconsiderations of various strength-building
Recognize and appreciate the indications,precautions, and contraindications when
strengthening patients with common medicaldiagnoses.
Determine vital sign guidelines in relation to precaution,termination, and exclusion from participation fromheavy exertion.
Explain optimal resistance training parameters andthe rationale for each.
Discuss the importance of accurate record keepingand proper documentation of therapy patients.
Apply optimal strength exercise protocols in anefficient and effective manner.

What others are saying:

"I have been a practicing PT for over 40 years in a variety of settings. I found this course to be exceptionally comprehensive and very applicable to a variety of patients! Mark was an excellent speaker - very knowledgeable, well organized and very passionate about the subject matter." -Karen Axley, PT

"Course presentation was comprehensive and answered many questions related to my apprehension and fear of hurting frail patients with exercise. I appreciated that all the information was relative to my work in LTC." -Meryl Kern, OT

"I found the course absolutely enthralling from start to finish. No matter what setting you practice in the material was relevant and "Monday morning usable" . The passion of Mark Richards was palpable in the room! Best I've heard in years." -Kelly Harrick, PR

"This course was fun and interactive and Mark was easy to approach. He presented the material in a way that I feel I can easily bring back and use with my patients." -Kimberly Sullivan, OT

"Best class I've been to in a long time. Mark is great! Material is spot on and useful!!"-Matthew Albert, PT


Mark Richards

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