Sensory Integration Intensive

Course Description:

This intensive, hands on, evidence based four-day course addresses sensory processing disorder and sensory integration intervention across all ages for those with autism spectrum, multisystem developmental, learning and behavioral disorders. Participants will leave armed with new direct treatment strategies, as well as contextual interventions to assess and treat across five interdependent systems: motor, sensory, emotional-relational, communication and cognitive problem solving. Participants will learn to treat root deficit systems instead of isolated deficit behaviors, using a Polyvagal Theory informed treatment approach. These approaches enable patients to show regulated functional mastery with spontaneity, self-motivation while seeking out increasingly positive interactions. The focus will be on tools to enhance participation by improving relational and regulatory capacity, body awareness, postural stability/security, coordinative skill, motor planning, interest and skill with interpersonal communication, organization, and abstract reasoning for learning.

Participants will immediately be able to :

  • Identify and access efficacy research to justify diagnosis and treatment of SPD with SI intervention.
  • Understand polyvagal theory, behavioral dysfunction with chronic stress from SPD, & treatment approaches for health, well-being, and functional development.
  • Design interventions that address deficits across the five interdependent development systems.
  • Assess and document an individual’s specific deficit area and establish goals and priorities for treatment.
  • Enable safety and security in attachment relationship, using co-regulation to build self- regulation, sensory pleasure, motor competence, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • Develop hands-on intervention skills for tactile/proprioceptive handling, ball work, movement techniques enabling SI for body awareness, and muscle tone for postural stability and security.
  • Design strategies that enable praxis for academics, including handwriting, visual-spatial thinking, arithmetic, spelling, memorization and abstract problem-solving.

What others are saying:

Every Pediatric OT MUST take this course - great overview of neuroanatomy and relation to applications to use in clinic." Joanie Johnson, OT

"The best and most informative workshop I have been to. The course was very collaborative and touched on all areas of concern." Catherine Dye, OTR

"Jeannetta is an amazing instructor. The class was very informative and definitely increased my understanding of sensory integration. I will definitely incorporate multiple strategies within my treatment sessions. I would highly recommend this course!"-Kristen Reed, OT

"This is the absolute best continuing ed course I've ever taken.  It was not only a refresher, but exponentially expanded what I thought I knew about the sensory system.  This will forever affect the way I treat - for the better!" - C Creech, COTA

"Jeannetta's intensive sensory integration course was the best course I've ever taken. She explains the information in a clear and concise way while encouraging therapists to critically think. I feel so much more confident in my abilities as an OT after taking her course. It was a privilege to learn from her!"-Amber Humphrey, OT

"This course has been eye-opening. Jeannetta Burpee is an inspiration. I have learned theories and techniques that will forever change my practice. Every OT needs to take this course."-Tiffany Manzini, OT

"Finally, a comprehensive course that takes you beyond the basics and covers it all. I have gone to many, many courses over the years, but this felt like a homecoming and a place to put it together. Thank you!"-Lori Pulley, OT


Jeannetta Burpee

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Session 1 September 19-22, 2019
Weymouth, MA (Map)

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