Treating Complex Neuro and Geriatric Patients: Falls Prevention and Balance

Course Description:

In this intensive treatment course you will learn to useevidence based interventions for improving balance,preventing falls, promoting strength and function in geriatric and neurologic patients. A key focus is learning toselect and use the most appropriate tools for assessingbalance/ risk of falls and evaluating function. Participantswill examine the relationship between cognition, the sensory system and balance control problems and will applymotor control interventions and motor learning conceptsto specific conditions. Focus is on effective evidence based treatment strategies to prevent falls and re-admission, improve functional balance and mobility andoptimize the environment for patients with balance problems, including the elderly, those with stroke,Parkinsons disease and medically complex conditions across the continuum of care.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:

Design functionally-focused interventions for individuals with stroke, Parkinson's disease, balance dysfunction and dementia based on effective assessment
Demonstrate functionally-focused treatment techniques for geriatric and neurologic populations
Develop and implement risk assessment strategies to reduce falls in the older adult Incorporate evidence-based practice into effective evaluation and treatment techniques for the geriatric and neurologic population

What others are saying:
Ms. Carole Burnett is a terrific speaker and I greatly admire her experience. She teaches well, is a very hands-on educator, and isnt afraid to show us how to think outside the box. There was never a dull moment throughout the entire 2-day session. Anneri Navidad, Physical Therapist

Carole is one of the best presenters Ive encountered! She explains course material in real, clinically relevant language and gives concrete examples and case studies. Carole provides ample opportunity to practice techniques and get hands-on experience. I would recommend this course to all therapists. Susan Buchko, OTR/L

Carole is a dynamic and energetic speaker who obviously loves teaching this subject matter. It is a fantastic opportunity for new and experienced clinicians to re-visit traditional treatment methodologies, while incorporating new concepts and ideas in their treatment of balance and fall prevention. It is a wonderful course; Carole will surely get your energy flowing! A. Bryant, Physical Therapist

"Dr. Carole Burnett is an excellent presenter who presented the information in an entertaining and comprehensive manner. This has been one of the best courses I have attended that will help me in my practice setting. Her laugh is infectious!"-Devorah Yarbrough, PT

"Fantastic course! After 35 years of practice, this re-enforced my knowledge and provided new techniques/strategies for use in the clinic. Carole is a very dynamic instructor!"-Ann Thomas, PT


Carole Burnett

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