Therapeutic Yoga for the Child with Developmental Challenges

Course Description:

This DYNAMIC workshop shares clinically tested individual yoga therapy protocols as well as the therapeutic use of specific yoga modalities and modifications for various populations. This program highlights the use of therapeutic YOGA for INDIVIDUAL treatment sessions and strategies for even your most challenging clients. Through experiential labs participants will focus on the physical, regulatory, physiological, sensory-motor and emotional benefits of specific therapeutic yoga postures, breath-work and relaxation techniques. Breath and sound and relaxation exercises to enhance regulation, endurance and organization will be highlighted. Clinical care analysis will demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of each sequence with children challenged by:
Degenerative conditions
Anxiety disorders
Motor planning issues
General development issues

A program sequence DVD from Anne's Get Ready with Yoga series will be included with this course.

Following completion of this course, participants will:
Describe the specific motor, sensory, biochemical and neurophysiologic benefits of a therapeutic yoga program.
Discuss how, when and why to use yoga to
address individual therapeutic goals.
Become familiar with a basic classroom yoga program.
Discusshow to address self regulatory goals with specific yoga practices.
Implement a yoga program designed to build body awareness, motor planning and motor development.
Improve attention and self regulation via yogic breathing practices
Enhance relatedness and develop circles of communication with yoga.
Describe how a basic yoga practice influences digestion, metabolism and elimination and enhances immune function.
Describe the use of yoga as a daily "sensory diet".

What others are saying:

"Anne is an inspiring, compassionate and very well organized presenter. The many hands-on opportunities to practice were very helpful. I learned many useful ideas for my school practice. I highly recommend this workshop."
Anne Einbond-Paley, OTR

"The course was excellent. It was presented in such a positive light. I believe my patients will benefit from many aspects of this course. The hands on helped the actual learning process."
Michele Macdonald PT

"Following treatment of one of my kids I work with, his teacher reported that this was the first day he put his jacket and back pack on without being told and she reported more organized work completed in a timely manner. This is very exciting and I plan to use this technique as much as possible. Thank you very much for presenting this new approach to treatment."
Dee Armstrong, COTA, PTA

"Anne is an amazing, experienced, and very centered individual who influences many lives through her passion of fostering a caring and beneficial practice of yoga. She shares her passion with many others because she has seen the benefits of using therapy as a modality to help children help themselves. This course has evolved my passion to follow her journey in helping children through practice."                                                                                                  Jaclyn Stillmaker, OTR


Anne Buckley-Reen

Session 1 October 4-5, 2019
Bakersfield, CA (Map)

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