Vision, Visual Perception and Visual Motor Skills: Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Children

Course Description:

This interactive workshop will present a clinical framework to differentiate vision, ocular motor, visual perception, and visual motor skills. In this framework, therapists will be able to use currently available visual perceptual, evidence based interventions to address a child's attentional, visual spatial, and visual motor needs. Visual motor tasks that will be analyzed include: object manipulation, controlled tool use (cut, color, trace), visual spatial (including design copying as in the VMI), and handwriting.

Analysis and discussion of cases will hone clinical reasoning skills and provide intervention strategies, and clinically useful activities. Analyze your own framework about intervention and current use and sequence of activities. The approaches to intervention include Sensory Integration, Learning, and Motor Learning theories (Optometric, COOP and Multi-context).

While this information that will be presented can be applied across a variety of age groups and populations including children with attention deficit learning disabilities, and DCD, the focus of intervention strategies will be on the school age population especially those children with handwriting issues.

Participants will be able to:

  • Define theoretical assumptions and concepts regarding visual, cognitive analysis, and motor skills.
  • Utilize a variety of assessment tools to evaluate ocular motor, cognitive analysis, visual perceptual and visual motor skills.
  • Discriminate visual motor tasks in terms of underlying skills, including visual spatial analysis.
  • Identify, select and describe their own intervention approaches used to facilitate change based on evidence.

What others are saying:

"Exceptional seminar! Provided theory based, assessment and strategies for intervention that are instantly usable. Reinforced activities/exercises already using! Outstanding resources and references." - T. Ball, OTR

"Valerie was great! Fast, succinct, informed, knowledgeable good theory - yea neuro. Gave me lots of thoughts about how to alter/modify my treatments." - T Van Vranken, DPT

"Valerie brought so many new ideas, knowledge, evidence, theory and passion for understanding visual processing! I would strongly recommend this course to pediatric OT's." - P. Donker, OTR



Valorie Todd