Utilizing NDT in Pediatric Practice

Course Description:

Begin your journey into the world of NDT or expand your current knowledge with this course that will enhance your knowledge to the benefits of using NDT to treat the child with neurologic impairments and other pediatric disorders across the lifespan.  We will discuss the importance of practice of movement patterns and importance of integrating into daily activities utilizing fun and practical activities.  Facilitation strategies for improved movement patterns and how to look at all aspects of the child to assess the primary area to address in treatment will be presented utilizing didactic, video and hands on lab format.  Comfortable clothing for movement labs is recommended.  This course is designed for the physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech & language pathologist. This course is very attractive to clinicians who seek a better understanding of the NDT practice model and the use of handling and facilitation to enhance function. Course material will focus on basic concepts of theory, assessment and treatment of the child with cerebral palsy and disorders of the neuro-motor system. The course will include extensive lab sessions and case studies to reinforce didactic information.

Course Objectives:

  • The participant will be able to identify NDT principles and theoretical assumptions
  • The participant will be able to identify principles of NDT facilitation
  • The participant will be able to differentiate between typical and atypical development.
  • The participant will be able to identify alignment, base of support and weight shift within the framework of functional movement
  • The participant will be able to recognize the relationship of the ICF model to the NDT practice model
  • The participant will be able to identify unique treatment strategies for the trunk, upper and lower extremities for use with children birth through adolescence
  • The participant will be able to demonstrate how to translate facilitation strategies onto equipment



Jacqueline Grimenstein

Session 1 August 2-3, 2019
Chicago, IL (Map)

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