Treatment of the Young Athlete

Course Description:

This popular course offers participants the most current and practical information for caring for the adolescent athlete. Youth sports remain extremely popular and continue to emphasize greater involvement on the part of the young athlete to achieve success. For these athletes and their parents to trust you as a practitioner, you must demonstrate your sport-specific knowledge and keen awareness of the most common progressive yet safe interventions, including criteria for determining when to allow return to play safely. Information taught will bridge the gap between the existing evidence and the ability to practically implement effective strategies for injury prevention and management. Emphasis will be placed on the musculoskeletal system and biomechanical movement patterns. Gender specific and sport specific predisposing factors and treatment approaches will be explored. Acute and chronic conditions will be addressed with the concerns of over-training and year-round sport involvement. The course will focus on the epidemiology and risk factors that contribute to adolescent sports-related injuries. The importance and practical relevance of preparticipation screenings will be introduced, and the development process for educating coaches, parents and the general public about youth sports safety through community based programs that can serve as patient referral sources will be highlighted.

Following this course, particpants will be able to:
Identify epidemiology of injuries sustained by children playing sports
Discuss components of pre-participation examination, methods of delivering such an exam, relevance of data being collected, and benefit to practitioner of being involved with such exams
Become familiar with the most current evidence related to the evaluation and treatment intervention of upper and lower extremity musculoskeletal injuries in children
Identify practical special tests and rehabilitative techniques for children
Summarize sports psychology as it relates to childrens injuries and the impact of parents, coaches, and others associated with youth sports
Discuss the current, safest, and approved equipment and devices for youth sports

What others are saying:

Jeff is an expert in this field, and he has an engaging and fun approach to learning. He was an excellent speaker - easy to listen to and understand his information. He gave us useful information that is functional for use in and out of the clinic - Amy Gibson, PT

Jeff clearly has a tremendous grasp on topics and his discussions were thought provoking. Michael Barkey, PT

Jeff is an excellent speaker. He is very focused, well organized and knows how to teach. Samir Hanna, Ph.D., PT

Jeff Konin had superb clinical examples and outside the box thinking to address difficult to treat injuries. Amy Rodgers, PT


Jeff Konin

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