Treatment of the Child with Severe Involvement: An NDT Approach

Course Description:

This lab intensive course is designed for physical, occupational and speech therapists working with children from birth to adolescence who have Neuro-Muscular Disorders with severe physical involvement (GMFCS Levels IV and V) including diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy, Genetic Disorders and other Neuro-Muscular Conditions. Topics covered will include assessment and treatment planning for function using the ICF Model from an NDT Perspective. Current Concepts in NDT incorporating motor learning and motor control approaches will be integrated into strategies for improving function and participation at home, in school and the community. Labs and patient demonstration will highlight handling strategies for improved mobility and control of the trunk and pelvis related to use of vision, respiratory/phonatory control, UE function, transitions and assisted mobility.

The continuing education hours obtained at this course qualify toward NDTA re-certification.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:

  • Apply the process of NDT assessment and problem solving utilizing the ICF Model.
  • Incorporate current concepts of postural stability that impact function and participation into practical daily strategies at home and school.
  • Utilize handling strategies practiced in labs with clients to maximize functional outcomes.


Linda Kliebhan

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