Treatment of the Child with Severe Impairments

Course Description:

Treating children with severe physical impairments, with or without cognitive impairments presents unique challenges.  This course is designed for physical, occupational and speech-language pathologists who work with this population and want to expand their skills.  We will explore the challenges of working in various settings and how to set treatment priorities for each setting.  We will discuss realistic, functional goal setting and how to work to make goals achievable.  We will explore dosing for this population who require lifelong service and how to build in carry over when not in active treatment.  Practical labs working with an adult partner and doll will reinforce treatment concepts. 



  • The student will be able to set functional, achievable goals for a child with severe impairments
  • The student will be able to understand the role of standardized testing and the evaluation process for this population
  • The student will be able to identify system impairments that may interfere with function
  • The student will be able to identify at least 3 physical problems that can affect the child as an adult
  • The student will be able to demonstrate 3 treatment strategies for treatment of the child with severe impairments.


Topics to be covered:

  • Classification systems that are relevant to the child with severe impairments
  • The evaluation process
  • Functional goal setting
  • Treatment interventions based on system impairments
  • Major challenges that occur across the lifespan


Jacqueline Grimenstein

Session 1 September 14-15, 2019
Minneapolis, MN (Map)

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