Treating Falls and Balance Problems

Course Description:

This two day seminar focuses on changes specific to the aging process and to neurologic pathology that lead to balance problems and falls. A systems approach/critical pathways strategy is presented for assessing anatomic, physiologic and functional changes associated with aging and pathologies that result in changes in postural control and balance in the elderly and adult neurologic patient. Critical pathways are presented for therapeutic involvement in the rehabilitation therapies across the spectrum of care. Preventative interventions and screening for problems to prevent disability and falls and identify risk factors leading to falls are provided via practical tools for implementation of and ongoing reassessment. Exercise strategies for preventing falls and improving balance are reviewed, demonstrated and practiced. Motor control in addition to cardiovascular, nutritional,
cognitive, and pharmacological factors influencing balance will be presented.

The participant will gain:

An advanced knowledge of the anatomic, physiologic, motor control, and functional mechanisms of aging that influence balance in the elderly.

An understanding of the principles of rehabilitation related to screening, assessment of risk factors and interventions for fall prevention. 

An awareness of the role nutrition and medications play in predisposing an elderly individual to balance problems and falls.

An understanding of the common pathophysiologic disease entities that lead to motor control, vestibular, and cognitive problems in the elderly and adult patient.

Specific in-depth knowledge of how to predict which risk factors are modifiable and exercise strategies to prevent falls.

What others are saying:

"Dr. Bottomley is one of the most passionate PTs I have ever met. She cares exceptionally well for the geriatric population (and others) considering mind/body/spirit-the whole patient! I'm grateful for a fresh perspective and many new tools in my tool belt. As a new clinician, this was perfectly timed and I'm excited to keep learning to best serve each of my patients. Thank you for representing PT well!" - Leah Harvey, PT

"Dr. Bottomley's course has set the bar high for all of my other professional development courses. Her sharp clinical skills, medical knowledge, and compassion for her patients is beyond inspiring; and they will push me to become a therapist who advocates for older adults. I will make it a point to go out of my way to attend another Dr. Bottomley lecture and ERI course; best investment for your personal growth." - Justin Pennisi, OTR


Jennifer Bottomley

Session 1 June 21-22, 2019
Doylestown, PA (Map)

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