Treating Balance and Preventing Falls, in Geriatric, Neuro, Vestibular and Medically Complex Clients

Course Description:

This course is highly informative and will get you thinking about balance in a whole new light to make balance training effective and fun for you and your patients! You will learn how to isolate balance deficits in processing and motor output, screen for basic vestibular involvement, including BPPV, objectively identify fall risk, implement modifications to reduce fall risk, discover your creative side to developing effective treatment strategies, tailor exercises to meet the needs of your patients physical abilities in any setting and understand how to teach safe falling techniques, to name a few.  You will also learn about frequently missed components to a successful treatment program.

  1. Discuss balance processing and strategies of recovery.
  2. Analyze new treatment techniques and how to create new exercises to isolate and challenge all sensory systems, all 4 balance reactions as well as reaction time.
  3. Identify and reduce fall risk.
  4. Design safe falling techniques to minimize the risk of an injury.


Kim Fox

Session 1 July 27-28, 2019
Wallingford, CT (Map)

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