Therapy Ball Intensive

Course Description:

This two-day lab intensive workshop on treating thechild using the ball will focus on treatment strategies toaddress specific motor concerns while using a therapyball as the intervention tool. Techniques to promoterange of motion, joint mobility, alignment,symmetrical control, strength, righting and equilibriumcontrol as well as variety in sensory experiences will bediscussed and practiced on adult partners during lab.Application of ball techniques on children will bedemonstrated through use of videotapes, aswell as patient demonstrations when children areavailable. Participants will learn treatment strategiesthat can be applied in various practice settings toimprove functional performance and independence inchildren of all ages (infants through school age) whoare challenged by all types of sensory/motor issues.

In this intensive lab course you will:
1. Discuss balance and equilibrium control neededfor motor skills throughout life.

2. Determine goals and outcomes using the ball asthe therapy tool.

3. Evaluate effectiveness of ball techniques to obtainfunctional goals on videotape demonstrations.

4. Demonstrate sequencing of treatment sessionboth on and off the ball in videotape demonstrationsand during practice with partners in lab

5. Discuss variety of activities that can be addressedusing ball therapy.

What others are saying:

"Barbara Hypes is a phenomenal instructor. Passionate about working with children and teaching others to do the same. Excellent patient demonstrations and video. Great opportunity to practice handling techniques with direct feedback. Rich in information, treatment strategies and direct patient care techniques. Fantastic course!"-Sara Weisner, DPT

"Barbara is a very dynamic speaker. She provides practical and meaningful information that is easy to understand. I can't wait to apply my new found knowledge to my caseload."-Laura Arduino, PT

"Barbara continues to be excited about pediatric physical therapy and passionate about her treatments and it shows in the way she presents. This course was realistic, informative, and treatment-focused. As a new therapist, I am leaving this course with a lot of new treatment ideas that I can immediately apply to my caseload."-Danika Nice, PT


Barbara Hypes