The Frail Elderly: Realistic Strategies to Improve Function

Course Description:

This course will examine the frailest of frail elderly providing the course participants with the most advanced and up to date information on the evaluation and treatment of the elderly individual with multisystem involvement. Practice in integrating evaluative information in medically complicated patients towards a comprehensive intervention program will follow critical pathways of care. Recent research in strength and flexibility training using hands-on and video-guided exercise protocols will be presented. The use of complementary therapies in improving function will be presented with substantiating research provided. All care settings will be discussed from acute care, sub-acute, nursing home, outpatient, assisted living, home, senior and community centers, to fitness facilities. Critical pathways are presented for therapeutic involvement in the rehabilitation therapies across this spectrum of care and include reimbursement issues and current legislative initiatives involving health maintenance and promotion. Exercise strategies for preventing falls and improving balance will be highlighted.

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\"Fortunate is the student who has Jennifer Bottomley for as instructor and mentor, and fortunate is the patient who has her for a physical therapist! She is what we all should aspire to be. Information is presented clearly and concisely with a dose of humor to keep it entertaining and maintain our attention span. Her love and her knowledge of her subject matter shine through, as does her compassion and empathy for those with whom she works. The information she presents is practical and doesn\'t require lots of time or expensive equipment. She almost make me wish I were at the beginning of my career rather than the end!\"-Barbara Williams, PT


Jennifer Bottomley

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