Treating the Cardiac Patient: Decrease Re-Admissions Promote Optimal Outcomes

Course Description:

Preventing hospital re-admissions is a priority whether you work in acute care, home care, or skilled/transitional care units. The top four reasons for re-admission are MI, CHF, Pneumonia and COPD with Central Venous Pressure issues. Through complex case analysis of these conditions you will be armed with the skills needed to make decisions quickly and independently to preserve a patient's safety and enable them to reach their full potential to help prevent hospital re-admissions. You will learn strategies to educate treat and motivate patients to achieve optimal health and outcomes.

Medical and surgical issues that impact the patient’s examination, evaluation and interventions, as well as the patient’s prognosis and outcomes will be discussed. Through case analysis and clinical problem-solving participants will be given an opportunity to decide which impairments are significant and how they can alter their interventions to take the dysfunction into consideration. Clinical monitoring and parameters for safe exercise given a cardiac impairment will be explored.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to: 

• Differentiate normal vs. abnormal cardio - vascular function and response to exercise. 
• Perform an appropriate basic examination of the cardiovascular and pulmonary system. 
• Summarize the examination/assessment to developing an appropriate therapy intervention to prevent re-admissions. 
• Identify treatment interventions for complex cardiac patients to achieve full potential safely


What others are saying:

This seminar was awesome! My expectations of this seminar met and went beyond what I expected. Donna is a great speaker, she presented in a way that was veryeasy to understand. She has so much passion andenthusiasm. - Karen French

"Donna is a very enthusiastic, passionate speaker and she truly loves what she does."
Julie Palmieri

"Donna is an excellent presenter-very clear and concise with great support materials. Small group labs reinforced a lot of the information as well." Betsy Curtis, OTR/L

"Donna Frownfelter was an excellent presenter; enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun. She tailored her presentation to our caseload and gave very practical tips for treatment strategies. I learned so much...and had fun!" Jeanette Starnes, PT

"This is one of the most relevant courses on the market for practitioners of adult clients. Donna gave practical treatment tips as well as detailed disease process education expected of a top university professor. I would highly recommend this course to any therapist."-Michelle McKamy, OTA


Donna Frownfelter

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Session 1 May 31- June 1, 2019
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Session 2 November 1-2, 2019
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