Student Transitions during their School Careers: Related Service Roles and Interventions

Course Description:

Students go through many transitions throughout theirschooling (vertical, horizontal and daily routine)including transitioning from school to adult life; vertical,horizontal, and part of daily routine. This courseprovides strategies to assist students and families totransition more easily and to reduce stress. Practicalinformation on the main features and challenges ofeach transition, and evidence-based evaluations,interventions, and strategies for success, will behighlighted.

Participants will be provided with a variety of usefulhandouts, including forms developed by the presenter,such as forms for observation, evaluation and treatmentplanning.

What others are saying:

"Meira is a knowledgeable, passionate & engaging presenter & clinician, Great course." - Peggy Halford, OT

"Meira spoke enthusiastically on the topic and kept it interesting by sharing lots of case studies and stories."

"Not only am I a PT, I also have a special needs child. This course was very informative and helped me think about delivering PT services a ltitle differently in the schools I work in. As a mom, this course lit a new fire under me to advocate for my son and to plan for his future. Thank you." - Sheri Camputano, PT

"This course was very comprehensive. Meira is extremely knowledgeable and is a wonderful presenter. i cannot wait to share the information I've gained with my co-workers." - Tracy Stead, OT

"Meira was very informative & knowledgeable of transitions in the school. Her course would be a wonderful resource to only for staff (related services) but for families of individuals & special needs." - Jennifer O'Dea, OT


Meira Orentlicher

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