Strategies on Treating the Child with Neurological Impairments

Course Description:

This course will challenge clinicians to look at familiar things through new lenses and will enhance clinical problem solving skills through case analysis. New therapists as well as seasoned therapists will improve their effectiveness in treating children with neurological deficits from infancy through young adulthood. Videotaped treatment sessions will cover topics from spasticity to hypotonia and athetosis to ataxia. Group discussions will allow critical analysis of treatment techniques as well as discussion regarding setting realistic and achievable goals for each patient shown. The information shared in this course is intended to add to the participants existing knowledge base to continue the learning of clinical strategies and the overall understanding of patients who present with movement deficits.

At the completion of this course, you will able to:
1. Define treatment techniques for use with children who have neurological impairment including how to problem solve what to do when.
2. Develop treatment strategies and goals for a variety of different children.
3. Analyze which treatment strategies will work with different types of neurological impairment.
4. Understand how to use treatment strategies to enhance the variety of treatment skills you use and improve your problem solving for treating children with neurological impairment.
5. Identify and describe movement strategies different children use for stability, mobility, postural security and independence.
6. Identify which muscles may need to be lengthened or strengthened or facilitated to work with other muscles.

What others are saying:

Barbara continues to be excited about pediatric physical therapy and passionate about her treatments and it shows in the way she presents. This course was realistic, informative, and treatment-focused. As a new therapist, I am leaving this course with a lot of new treatment ideas that I can immediately apply to my caseload. Danika Nice, Physical Therapist

Barbara delivers a brilliant and captivating seminar. Don Ludwig, Physical Therapist

Barbara is a very dynamic speaker. She provides practical and meaningful information that is easy to understand. I cant wait to apply my new found knowledge to my caseload. Laura Arduino, Physical Therapist


Barbara Hypes

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