Stabilization Training for the Cervical-Thoracic Patient

Course Description:

This one-day theory and exercise seminar builds on knowledge and skill gained in the lumbar stabilization course and explores functional exercise training and education for the cervical-thoracic spine patient. Participants will learn the indications, precautions and rationale for exercising patients with cervical-thoracic dysfunction as well as instruction techniques for exercise training.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:
Demonstrate and instruct proper neck and upper quarter stretching techniques
Prepare the joints for exercise
Prescribe exercises for patients with cervico-thoracic dysfunction
Instruct thoracic self-mobilization techniques
Instruct a neck school and provide ergonomic advice to cervical-thoracic patients.
Instruct functional exercise training for subacute, chronic and athletic patients.

What others are saying:

\\\"The quintessential course: interactive, practical, hands-on, active learning. Beverly presented techniques and information that can be applied immediately with excellent results.\\\"
-Connie Bauman, Athletic Trainer

\\\"The course was practical as well as comprehensive. The labs helped me not only visualize each technique, but also become familiar with what my patients will experience. I look forward to instituting these techniques as soon as I return to the clinic!\\\"
-Angela Taylor, Physical Therapist


Beverly Biondi