Socially Speaking for Young Children with Autism and Special Needs

Course Description:

Readiness to learn appropriate social skills can be an area of challenge for toddlers and young children who have special needs, especially those with autism spectrum disorders. This workshop will teach participants how to develop and implement a behavior management plan to target specific social skills, and to shape specific play skills. Learn to shift from a crisis intervention paradigm to one that methodically improves the child's self-regulation and communication. Learn to use data collection, specific goal planning and progress monitoring, and cognitive based language lessons to reshape behavior.

Learn tools and strategies to facilitate communication for social skills, such as expressing feelings, problem solving, and using humor. Use assistive technology (AT) and multi-sensory learning experiences to facilitate thematic learning, manage behavior, and increase motivation. Develop empathy, a sense of humor, and resilience in the children you serve.

Advance Magazine Feature written by Penina
Outlining herSocially Speaking Social Skills Curriculum.

Penina offers advice and thoughts to one of your clinical challenges

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:

  • List the developmental prerequisite skills children need before developing better social skills.
  • Explain the roll of causality and humor in facilitating later problem-solving skills.
  • Describe indirect and direct clinical intervention methods to foster compliance in bridging the gap between readiness to learn and actual performance.
  • Describe treatment strategies to promote targeted social skills, through use of specific social skills kits and specific toys.


Penina Rybak

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