Sensory Processing Disorder in Young Children: An Advanced Course Early Intervention and Preschool

Course Description:

This workshop will build on participants understanding of sensory integration theory, and sensory processing disorders and utilize a model for using diagnostic understanding to structure assessment, and direct and indirect intervention for young children. Understanding individual differences and dysfunction will be used as a frame for clinical reasoning. Intervention for young children with SPD will be discussed in terms of helping parents to better understand their child, creation of a goodness of fit between the child as they function in natural environments, and individualized direct intervention utilizing Ayres Sensory Integration in conjunction with other appropriate evidence based intervention approaches. Focus will be on clinical reasoning, reflection, and practical suggestions for home and center-based intervention.

Participants are welcome to submit tapes and be prepared to discuss clinical challenges in their own caseloads

Participants will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the ability to accurately determine specific sensory processing diagnoses to observed behaviors;
2. Understand the functional implications of sensory processing disorders for the child and their family;
3. Identify ways to help families to understand and manage their childs unique sensory requirements within the context of relationships;
4. Propose methods to enhance goodness of fit between children with SPD and their natural environments;
5. Describe Sensory Integration intervention principles with follow-up strategies and activities to assist children with different sensory-processing profiles;
6. Integrate Sensory Integration Strategies with other developmentally appropriate intervention approaches for young children.

What others are saying:

"I enjoyed the teaching style of the instructor more than any previous SI instructor I have experienced."

"Found Marie informative and inspirational. Her approach is effective for any discipline working with preschool and EI children with developmental and/or sensory concerns."


Marie Anzalone

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