Sensory Integration and Self-Regulation in Early Intervention and Preschool

Course Description:

This workshop is designed to integrate current thinking about sensory integration with ideas of behavioral organization and family centered care for the young child. Participants will learn a new framework for understanding individual differences in sensory based self-regulation based on sensory integration theory. How this model can be integrated across discipline boundaries to help foster goodness-of-fit during play and therapeutic interactions will be highlighted. Clinical reasoning and intervention with differenttypes of sensory integration problems will be focused on and applicable to children of all ages.

What others are saying:

"Marie is an extremely gifted therapist, research and educator. She is truly an ambassador of our profession. Her ability to teach is a gift."
Carrie deBoer, OTR

"Marie is a spectacular speaker for clinicians at all levels. She is dynamic, open, easy to listen to and very thorough."
Natasha Bravo, OTR

"Excellent course. Marie presents in a clear manner with a just right mix of technical language, examples and therapeutic options."
Linda MacDonald, OTR


Marie Anzalone

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