Self-Regulation and Executive Functioning Skills

Course Description:

Do you have students who have difficulty sitting still, initiating tasks, working through assignments to completion, or attending to the details of their work? Do they have difficulty applying active listening skills and memory strategies to support their learning and academic performance?
This course will teach participant tools and effective strategies that address these challenges directly. Given the demands of the Common Core Standards for independent work habits, sustained attention and motor output, students have an increased need to develop self-regulation and executive function skills in order to progress successfully through grade level curriculum. Participants will learn successful methods to facilitate the development of self-regulation, attention, organization, and memory as well as environmental accommodations and modifications.

The participants will:
1. Review the Ayres Theory of Sensory Integration and relate it to self-regulation and executive functioning.
2. Learn the components of self-regulation and executive function skills and how they contribute to school and life success.
3. Review basic neuroscience and how it connects to self-regulation and executive functioning skills.
4. Become familiar with the developmental progression of self-regulation and executive functioning skills.
5. Analyze and assess self-regulation and executive function dysfunction.
6. Learn how to implement practical and effective methods to facilitate the development of these skills.
7. Learn to accommodate for various self-regulation and executive function weaknesses and modify instructional materials to allow all students to access the curriculum.

What Others are Saying:

"This was one of the best courses I have ever taken! It was presented clearly with a logical flow which included important background information and application of skills. The instructor was extremely receptive to questions and successfully used case studies to provide real-life analysis of the strategies being taught. Definitely a course I would suggest for OTs working with children in a school-based setting." - Kaitlin, OT


Jocelynn Wallach

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Session 1 October 12-13, 2019
Aurora, IL (Map)

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