Post-Concussion Syndrome: Testing & Rehab for Vestibular, Balance and Related Symptoms

Course Description:

Concussion is a common and potential disabling condition that affects people of all ages as a result of trauma sustained in sport, motor vehicle crashes, military service, work and recreational accidents.  This course is designed to aid in the identification of the multifaceted nature of concussion, and will help you effectively treat PCS patients and become part of an effective team approach to recovery. You will learn about clinical trajectories, stages of recovery and predictors of recovery time, differential diagnoses as well as comprehensive treatment techniques.  You will be able to perform an effective evaluation as well as learn about the latest research in assessing and managing PCS to successfully get your patients back to their prior functioning levels. This course builds in extensive LAB time for a hands-on style of learning.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of concussion.
  • Apply current research to diagnosis and treat post-concussion syndrome.
  • Define your role and become an effective member in a multi-discipline team approach to recovery.
  • Produce an effective post concussion evaluation from on-field assessment to the clinic.
  • Implement treatment strategies to successfully manage your PCS patients.

    Post Concussion Syndrome - Therapeutic Strategies 


Kim Fox

Session 1 October 26-27, 2019
McLean , VA (Map)

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