Practical Strategies for Treating Complex Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Treating the Whole Child

Course Description:

Clinicians will be taught the necessary components of a comprehensive evaluation of feeding problems including those encountered by children with oral motor dysfunction, oral motor inexperience, oral hypersensitivity, behavioral rigidity and anxiety as seen in children with cardiac issues, prematurity, ASD, syndromes, SPD. Focus will be on a holistic treatment approach for challenging feeding disorders that are characteristically seen with tube dependency, oral inexperience, severe oral hypersensitivity, rigid eating patterns, and difficulty transitioning to table foods.

Participants will leave with a comprehensive therapy tool box including suggestions for reducing mealtime stress and anxiety and ensuring family carryover. Video case analysis will enhance problem-solving in hospital,school, home and private practice settings.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:
Identify children who are appropriate for oral functional therapy.

Perform a holistic evaluation for complex feeding problems.

Identify the barriers to normal eating patterns and reasonable treatment goals.

Develop a holistic treatment approach, including determining treatment priorities and the appropriate intensity of therapy (including issues of timing as to when to use resources differently).

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What participants say:

"Polly is an excellent presenter! She has a broad knowledge base, which she conveys in a clear and interactive way. I was able to take information I already possessed and use it in new ways after her presentation. This is an excellent, intermediate to advanced course for providers working in the area of feeding."
-Allie Swann, OTR

"I found the course very helpful and informative. The presenter, Polly, was very organized and animated. The use of video and case studies were great. Polly was funny and had great experiences and suggestions to share which were helpful."-Kathleen Gallashen, OT

Polly Tarbell is a dynamic speaker whose many years of experience shine through in her informative presentation. This course focuses on a holistic approach to pediatric feeding disorders so it is appropriate and important for a multi-disciplinary audience. -Erika Feil, OTR

"An absolutely eye-opening and fascinating course. Great nuts and bolts primer with exciting and accessible case studies. This course was so well presented that I wish to be further specialized/focus on this area of our field. Thank you!"-Patricia Ochoa-Wershulz, SLP

"Probably one of the best courses I have ever been too. Loved the different case studies and videos that actually demonstrated the techniques and solutions. Polly was so open to conversation and answered all questions from the audience!"-Andreea Gerwin

"Mary Bickley was an excellent presenter. She was fun, interesting, and very knowledgeable. It was the best course I have taken in such a long time." -Kathleen DuPont, OTR


Mary Tarbell-Bickley

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Session 1 July 26-27, 2019
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Session 2 September 27-28, 2019
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Session 3 October 26-27, 2019
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