Practical Intervention Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Course Description:

With the increasing number of children with ASD it is essential that therapists keep current on the latest research and interventions to incorporate new knowledge and techniques into their clinical practice. This course will assist practitioners in identifying, and implementing intervention strategies to successfully support social engagement, play skills, motor coordination, planning and participation in daily activities. Learning will be supported through case analysis and practical, easy to use strategies.

Course is applicable to all ages of individuals on the autism spectrum. It will cover early signs of autism, as well as strategies that can be applicable to school age children, teenagers and adults.

The participant will be able to:
1. Integrate current research and intervention strategies to strengthen and support and strengthen your clinical evidenced based practice.
2.Explore interventions and strategies to address difficulties with sensory processing, emotional regulation, social participation, play, motor control, planning, visually directed activities, and daily life skills including eating and sleep.
3. Develop a "tool kit" of specific intervention strategies, useful accommodations and visual supports to encourage successful participation in early intervention, school, clinic and home settings.
4. Recognize the wide variety of factors that can influence early identification, diagnosis, intervention and functional outcomes for individuals with ASD.

What people are saying about Stacey Szklut's courses:

"Stacey was WONDERFUL! She was organized, knowledgeable and entertaining. A great speaker. She provided us with a comprehensive look at Autism, Sensory and provided us with Intervention tools that I can use tomorrow in the clinic." - Jill OTR

"This course provided valuable knowledge and resources for intervention strategies, especially for kids with ASD and sensory issues. Stacey was a great speaker and has so many resources and information to share. She truly taught me a great deal this weekend." - Claire SLP

"Stacey's wealth of knowledge, humor, empathy and wisdom makes for a dynamic course! Loved all the cartoons, videos and examples!" - Annonymous

"Very informative course! Great overview of the therapeutic components and relationships needed for kids with Autism. I also really appreciated the organized list of references and resources." - Mary, OTR

"I am completely satisfied with this course. I feel a variety of areas were touched upon. I gained knowledge that I can and will implement into therapy sessions throughout my career."-Christie, SLP


Stacey Szklut

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Session 1 October 4-5, 2019
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