Postural Control for UE and LE Function: NDT Approach, Motor Learning, Evidence Based Practice

Course Description:

Postural control is essential for all function. Participants will enhance their skills in evaluating and treating the postural control problems of the individual with a neurological diagnosis (adolescents, adults, geriatrics). Participants will appreciate how adequate postural control lays the foundation for functional movement and will learn to assess the impact of inadequate control in their patients. Postural control requirements for functions such as moving in bed, performing activities and ADLs in sitting, and carrying out activities in standing and walking will be addressed. Participants will learn how to recognize correct and incorrect components of postural control, and how to facilitate improved functional use of the arm and leg through effective assessment and treatment of postural control. Problem solving for individual patient needs will be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced. Lectures, labs and video case examples will ensure effective carryover from the seminar setting to the clinic.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the NDT Approach and its current theoretical basis in accordance with research on motor control and motor learning
  • Assess postural control and the elements that contribute to effective postural control
  • Discuss current evidence re: postural control deficits in individuals with neurological diagnoses
  • Identify various system impairments that may be responsible for an individuals postural control deficits
  • Demonstrate treatment strategies to improve an individuals postural control for specific activities, including functional use of the of the upper and lower extremity
  • Integrate treatment of impaired postural control into an individualized treatment plan, and document it appropriately.

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing to allow full participation in lab activities.

What others are saying:

"What an eye opener!"-Gregory Perras, PTA "This course provided a thorough overview of the beginning fundamental strategies to be used in treatment sessions with my patients. This course is equally focuses on OT and PT related material and Monica Diamond is a very professional presenter who is extremely approachable."-C Sanford, OT

"Fantastic course! We had plenty of opportunities to practice the techniques we learned. I will be able to take what I learned and immediately use it in my practice."-S Collins, PT

"Monica is very knowledgeable and a hard worker.  She was very responsive to questions and helped you relate back to your patients.  She emphasized the key points to allow for retention of information." - N Gerhardt, OT


Monica Diamond

Session 1 December 7-8, 2019
Baton Rouge, LA (Map)

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