Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment and Assessment

Course Description:

This course focuses on effective vestibular rehabilitation for treating children with dizziness, coordination, balance, motor, postural, vestibular, visual motor, perceptual, sensory organization and motion disorders due to disease, toxicity, infection, tumors, trauma, neurological, and congenital/genetic disorders. Experienced as well as novice clinicians will learn a new frame of reference and treatment techniques that can positively affect the childs motor skills, balance, coordination, rate of development, perceptual skills and tolerances of motion. The lab course will include pediatric assessments for vestibular, sensory organization, ocular motor, reflex integration, and motor development. Treatment techniques, video case demonstrations, and interactive lab practice will be included. While this course is specific to pediatrics, the material does apply to adults with vestibular disorders as well.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:
1. Apply developmental principles as they relate to balance, posture, and motor skills.
2. Identify and recognize manifestations of vestibular dysfunction in infants and children.
3. Describe and demonstrate appropriate assessments for vestibular, visual motor, equilibrium, posture, balance, reflex integration, motor skills, and sensory organization.
4. Describe and demonstrate effective treatment techniques for children with vestibular disorders.
5. Develop home and clinic programs for parents, teachers, and caretakers.

What others are saying:

"Gaye is a tremendous presenter. Her years of clinical experience lend to fantastic examples that are clear and easy to understand. She is also patient with questions and genuinely interested in my learning instead of just talking about what she knows. I feel that I have left this 2 day course with a bag of tricks."-Tera White

"Gaye Cronin is a fabulous presenter - always relating topics to a variety of patient populations with numerous modifications - interspersed with video and other off the cuff examples to drive ideas and concepts home. Great information and resources to take back to all facilities I work at." -Alison Farwell

"Dr. Cronin is an engaging, intellectual and creative speaker. He course was filled with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The pace did not feel rushed and she listened to and answered questions patiently. As a therapist with over 20 years of experience I learned a tremendous amount of new material. Highly recommended!"-MaryBeth Thompson

"Gaye does an excellent job presenting the information and treatment techniques! She includes handouts and home exercise programs for patients to take home. I can't wait to implement the techniques at our post-concussion clinic!" -Shannon Keathley

"I loved this course! It has given me a clear picture of how to identify vestibular issues in my own patient population and has given me a clear picture of how to assess and treat specific issues. I'm really excited to approach my treatment sessions and assessments with a new perspective!"-Shelly Santoro, PT

"Gaye presented excellent, comprehensive information and modifications for application in the pediatric population across the broad spectrum of diagnoses. She ignited and re-inspired my clinical investigation and treatment skills."-Kaitlin Clark, PT


Gaye Cronin