Neuro-Pediatric Update: Using GAS to Focus Treatment and Document Measurable Change

Course Description:

As pediatric therapists we are challenged to use Evidence Based Practice. In this exciting interactive course, learn to demonstrate measurable change in your children at all levels of impairment. Research shows that the Goal Attainment Scale captures 20% more change in outcomes then other more traditional methods. Therapists will practice integrating the GAS & ICF model to plan treatment, carry out effective treatment strategies, & document measurable functional gains made using actual video cases.

At the completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Identify contemporary science concepts related to posture and movement.
  • Analyze posture and movement as it relates to complex function utilizing the ICF Model.
  • Develop functional goals based on the Goal Attainment Scale.
  • Integrating the ICF Model and the GAS, develop and implement treatment strategies that will streamline therapy towards meaningful, measurable functional outcomes.
  • Score GAS goals to demonstrate a given child's progress.
  • Discuss how GAS goals can be used to do research.

What others are saying:

"Suzanne and Kate are on the forefront of GAS for NDT and are so passionate about this topic. They use relevant, clinical examples to support learning and encourage active discussion. This course was excellent and every NDT clinician should attend."-Erin Meineke, PT


Suzanne Davis
Kate Bain