Mechanical Disorders of the Lumbar Spine and Sacroiliac Joint: A Symptom Reproduction Model

Course Description:

Learn how to systematically assess the patient for lumbar and sacroiliac mechanical dysfunction and apply appropriate therapeutic exercises and manual therapy for successful outcomes. Using an eclectic approach based on the teachings of James Cyriax, Brian Mulligan, Robin Mckenzie and Geoffrey Maitland, participants will be learn to select and perform the most effective treatment interventions using a symptom reproduction model for lumbar disorders. To determine appropriate interventions for sacroiliac dysfunction, participants will learn the Norwegian symptom provocation and alleviations model based on the teachings of Olaf Evjenth and Freddie Kaltenborn.

At the conclusion of this course the participantswill be able to:

1. Integrate examination findings to determine a differential diagnosis for mechanical disorders of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint.
   A. Perform and interpret a selective tension examination of the lumbar and sacroiliac joints.
   B. Apply Maitlands central posterior-anterior, unilateral posterior-anterior and physiological rotation mobilizations in the treatment of lumbar derangement.
   C. Perform a standing screening exam to clarify if lower quadrant pain is emanatting from the lumbar spine, sacroiliac or hip joint.
   D. Identify the various types of sacroiliac derangements.
   E. Describe the differences between a sprain, arthritis, derangement and hypermobility of the sacroiliac joint
2. Demonstrate effective treatment interventions based on differential diagnosis.
3. Teach the patient how to perform self reduction techniques for lumbar mechanical derangement.
4. Apply joint mobilization in the treatment of sacroiliac derangement

What others are saying:

I love attending courses given by Russell. Hes very rigorous with his research and his approach to treatment is very clear and evidence based. I always learn something new. Brenda Rapuano, Physical Therapist

Russell is a great instructor- informative, intelligent, and highly entertaining. This is one course that keeps you interested from beginning to end.
Kristin Underkofler, Physical Therapist

My expectations were definitely met with this course. Russell Woodman was dynamic and very easy to listen to. Concepts were made clear, questions answered and techniques refined. I would definitely attend more courses by Russell Woodman.
Zosia Campisi, Physical Therapist

"Very informative and detailed with the background and manual techniques. I really enjoyed this course and can't wait to implement the information."-Kelly Murray, PT


Russell Woodman