Management of the Acutely Ill Patient from ICU to Home

Course Description:

This course is designed to enhance the clinical decision-making skills of participants for early mobilization and safe, effective treatment of acutely ill patients. As more patients survive critical illnesses, intervention must complement the highly technologic, life-saving medical therapies, regardless of practice setting. Discussion of lines, physiologic monitors, lab values, and diagnostic test results will focus on implications for treatment. This Evidence Based course will highlight a multisystem approach to the acutely ill patient. Participants will integrate examination findings into individualized care plans that can be implemented from ICU and across acute care and post-acute practice settings.

Audience: This intermediate level course is designed for Therapists (PT and OT) and assistants and who care for acutely ill adult patients in ICUs, acute care hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, subacute rehabilitation centers, inpatient rehabilitation facilities and home care.

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:

  • Identify signs of patient instability and the need to modify or terminate treatment.
    Discuss how patients become deconditioned and how to reverse this for breath support and function.
  • Interpret and apply multisystem examination techniques for the complex patient including: vital sign monitoring, auscultation of heart and lung sounds,and interpretation of diagnostic tests such as imaging modalities, ECG, pulmonary function testing and laboratory blood analysis.
  • Determine appropriate rehabilitation interventions for persons with multisystem disorders based on examination findings, as well as patient/client goals.
  • Interpret patients/clients tolerance to interventions through identification of normal and abnormal responses.

What others are saying:

"I have over 20 years of experience as a PT in acute inpatient care. I took this course expecting to come away with a new idea or two. I was pleased to find that the entire presentation was very informative and so relevant to what I do every day. I am excited to take this information back to the hospital where I know it will help me make better clinical decisions for improved patient outcomes. It helps that Dan is a great instructor!" -Kim Van de Wetering, PT

"Dan was a very captivating and dynamic speaker taking many critical areas of acute care to life. I fell much better prepared to return to work and look at my patients with heightened insight."-K. Maggert, PT

Dan is a great educator. He is extremely knowledgeable about this topic. He has great clinical experience. Dan does a great job of giving visual examples and breaking down complex subjects.

"This is a "must attend" for any PT or OT working in acute care. You owe it to your patients and their families. Malone is a dynamo- funny, engaging, and bursting with knowledge, and every question you ask is a "good question". Thank you for this extremely high quality learning experience." - Tina Burke, OT

"This is the best course I've taken in a long time! Dan Malone took a tremendous amount of information and made it fun, interesting, and very relevant to today's clinical practice. I would greatly recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to treat the whole patient." - Kelly Saarela, PT

"This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Instructor is an excellent teacher with vast clinical and academic experience who is skilled at providing easy to understand visual examples. This course could enhance the care of our patients in any setting and is valuable for everyone regardless of years of experience." - Lorce Miles, PT

"Dan had a very well put together presentation with information very relevant to my job in Acute care. He demystified and broke down some of the equipment we see everyday but never got specific training for. He is fun and engaging! Highly recommend this course for PT and OT staff in acute care."-Michelle Houghton, PTA

"Daniel was a wonderful instructor! He was upbeat and knowledgeable about all the material. He was able to provide us with real-life examples that was educational and was able to make information understandable. I would recommend this course to any of my coworkers! Thanks Daniel!"- Veronica Demby, OT

"Dan was able to connect the dots and explain the body's physiological responses to therapy thoroughly using his educational background, clinical experience, and great speaking talent. Very engaging and full of information!"- Katherine Perez, OT


Daniel Malone

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