Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders: What's the Evidence?

Course Description:

Therapists supporting children with an ASD are required to keep up with the literature in order to incorporate new information and techniques into their clinical practice. This course will help practitioners identify, select, and prioritize the most appropriate intervention strategies and supports to improve functional participation and successful engagement in developmentally appropriate tasks.

At the conclusion of this course the participant should be able to:
1. Identify an ongoing system to obtain, analyze, and implement current research evidence into practice in order to support children on the spectrum.
2. Identify age specific, therapeutic concerns in order to prioritize intervention strategies.
3. Discuss current perspectives and evidence related to: sensory processing; emotion regulation; enhancing social relationships, social participation, and promoting peer interactions; encouraging play; praxis; and the use of technology.
4. Design a system to collect, manage, and utilize data for a variety of therapeutic and professional responsibilities.

What others are saying:

Dr. Glennons enthusiasm is contagious! She lectures in a way that you are entertained while learning! I left the seminar feeling updated in all facets of the OT profession. -Jodi Gardner

Wow! What a great, interactive and interesting conference. Tara is so knowledgeable and makes the information fun to learn through use of power-point, videos and real student stories. Thank you for a wonderful two-day informative and fun conference! -Amy Forsythe

Tara is an excellent, knowledgeable speaker who was both motivational and inspiring! She combines diverse learning activities to break up the dayWhat a great workshop! -Amy Bartlett


Tara Glennon