Intervention in the NICU: A Neurodevelopmental Approach

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide participants with evidence based research that will contribute to their development and implementation of best practices of therapeutic intervention programs within a NICU environment. This course is designed to provide the therapist currently practicing within a NICU setting the knowledge base to apply evidence based assessment, application and intervention services.

Following Completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Discuss the theoretical basis and the evidence based outcomes for therapeutic services in the NICU.
2. Identify common self-regulation signals and different state behaviors displayed by premature infants.
3. Discuss typical motor and sensory development observed in premature infants; 23-24 weeks gestational age to one-month-old postconceptual age.
4. Discuss the pathophysiology of common medical diagnoses found in the NICU, the outcome of these diagnoses and potential impact a therapeutic management/treatment intervention may have with the infant and family/caregiver.
5. Apply evidence-based research to clinical application for therapeutic evaluation, assessment and intervention in the NICU and after discharge.
6. Provide evidence-based recommendations of follow-up care of an infant and family/caregiver after discharge from the NICU.

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What others are saying:

“This course was directly designed and applies to my care of premature infants in the NICU as an RN. There are numerous topics that I will rethink as it applies to my behavior/patient care. I am thankful that the majority of our nursing staff from the NICU took this course together. We will be able to communicate, and team approach the improvements that we need to make with our care based on the information presented here.”  
 - F. McComas, RN, AK

“This course has been a fantastic overview of a “Day in the Life” at the NICU center as well as what happens when the baby gets to go home. Bertie is a marvelous and eloquent speaker that kept my engaged attention for two very full days! I am so grateful for the knowledge and comfort level I am beginning to feel after this course."
 - A. Anderson, CCC-SP, TX

“Wonderful course. Roberta was very thorough. Easy to understand and willing to answer all questions. Very knowledgeable!! Highly recommend the course."
 - M. Janer, PTA, FL

"As an SLP just getting started in the NICU, this was the perfect course for building a foundational, multi-systems and dynamic understanding of neurodevelopmental care with preterm and late preterm infants in the NICU. I would recommend this course to any therapist who seeks to promote neuroprotection and optimal long-term outcomes to their patients in the NICU."
- L Varnadore, SLP

"I have attended many NICU Intervention courses. This was by far the best organized, comprehensive and useful course I have attended. Roberta Gatlin is so knowledgeable in NICU and Pediatric concepts. My peers and I took away many ideas and concepts that we will integrate into our NICU. This is a great course for both beginning and seasoned therapists."
- C. Walker, OTR

"This is a wonderful course! Bertie presented information in a practical manner-she is a wealth of knowledge! This course is of benefit to all NICU therapists! Thank you!"
-B. Prosser, OT

"Roberta did a great job of covering not only NICU therapeutic foundations but also provided us with a good understanding of medical considerations when working with this population. Very worthwhile!"
K. Badger, PT


Roberta Gatlin

Session 1 November 1-2, 2019
Johns Creek, GA (Map)

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Session 2 December 6-7, 2019
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