Intervention for the Medically Complex Infant, Young Child, and Student

Course Description:

This comprehensive course will help clinicians make the tough therapy decisions required when managing the care of children with complex medical issues. It will focus on applying evidence to decisions regarding therapy priorities, predicting outcomes, treatment modifications, and making appropriate discharge recommendations. Case studies will be used to advance clinical problem solving skills needed to address the complications and complexities of care that is constantly interrupted by medical issues, hospital stays and surgeries. The material will apply to children in all practice settings:
Early Intervention
Acute Care
Home Care
Long Term Care

Participants will be able to apply course learning immediately to:
Assess medically acute and chronic conditionsin this population.
Demonstrate clinical decision making within a family centered model of care with this patient mix.
Integrate clinical findings into the development of therapy treatment planning and discharge planning.
Establish guidelines for appropriate treatment settings, referrals and clinical collaboration for this population

What others are saying:

"It is often difficult to find courses for those of us working with medically fragile children. I came away with a lot of great resources and treatment ideas."
Christine Feeley, PT, DPT

"This course exceeded my expectations with regards to the information and approach. Jonathan presented his wealth of knowledge in an approachable way. By the end of the course you could not help but respect him as a therapist and know his desire to make a difference in the pediatric population. I hope to see his name as an instructor for other courses in the future."

"Jonathan gave an awakening insight to holistic skilled "therapy" and developmental care of the medically fragile child."
Julissa Abreu, PT

"Wonderful course! Thoughtful! Great reminders on looking at the "entire" picture of the child/family and associated dynamics. The approach of honesty/compassion when working with these children and families was so important- I would recommend it to everyone in the medical field working with kids."
Gina McDade, PTA

"Great course and opportunity for group discussions for therapists at all settings working with complex patients."
Stephanie Gardner, PT


Jonathan Greenwood

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