Intervention for Complex Feeding Disorders: Infants and Toddlers

Course Description:

Intervention for Complex Feeding Disorders: Infants and Toddlers: This workshop will provide strategies to promote successful feeding for infants in the NICU, infants who are NICU graduates, and infants in EI who have medically complicated histories. Participants will develop strong skills in interpreting case histories and how to use this knowledge to implement change, and will learn how to develop a treatment course to prevent and treat these disorders. Focus will be placed on direct treatment strategies.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop skills in interpreting case histories of medically fragile infants with feeding and swallowing disorders and use this knowledge to implement change in the feeding environment.
  • Understand the etiologies of feeding and swallowing disorders in infancy and how to create an appropriate treatment course to prevent and treat this dysfunction.
  • Discuss how to use direct treatment strategies, nutritional changes, and the medical team to effectively result in positive feeding changes.

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What other people are saying:

"This course was absolutely fantastic. Amy was clear, research-based, and relevant. She explained terminology thoroughly, and encourages questions and comments. She brought materials to show us, and her Powerpoint slides were informative! Overall, excellent learning experience for me." - Corbin Wagner, SLP

"Amy is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about this specialized topic. She was thorough, gave great case studies, and thoughtfully answered all questions. She is an inspiring instructor and clinician and I would definitely take another course with her." - Erin Cochran, OT

"Amy is a great speaker/presenter.  Appreciated all the evidence-based articles to support practice. She is very passionate about her work and profession."- Mae Pascua, OT

"I feel so empowered as therapist after taking this course thanks to Amy. She is a wonderful speaker and amazing teacher. She covers the material that is crucial to feeding and explains the reasoning for the techniques in great detail." - Marielly Mitonelli, OT


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