Interoception, The Eigth Sense: Practical Solutions for Promoting Self-Regulation, Positive Behavior, Language Development and Social Participation

Course Description:

Course Description

Increase the effectiveness of your treatments using the latest evidence-based research on interoception.  This course will help you improve your clients’ functioning in self-regulation, language development, positive behavior, and social participation.  Evidence-based treatment strategies to assess and improve interoception will be the focus of this course.  Highlights from “The Interoception Curriculum,” a step-by-step framework for improving interoception will also be included.  Participants will learn how to adapt all strategies to effectively meet a variety of client needs and improve client outcomes. The strategies presented in this course are effective for use in many different settings including home, schools, community and clinic.

Course Objectives
Participants will learn to:

  • Describe interoception, our 8th sensory system, as well as recent research in effectiveness
  • Interpret results from at least 2 methods for assessing interoception
  • Apply at least 3 strategies for building interoception to your caseload and setting
  • Synthesize research foundations of interoception with the knowledge of the needs of your caseload to design a treatment plan for your clients to improve outcomes in language development, positive behavior, social participation, and independence


Kelly Mahler

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Session 1 December 3-4, 2019
Livingston, NJ (Map)

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