ICU and Acute Care Update: Focus on Early Mobility

Course Description:

Therapists working with patients in ICU face complex challenges. The patients have limited mobility due to life support, monitoring equipment, multiple medical problems and weakness. Early mobility can lead to an increase in the patients quality of life and higher functional capability. The content of this course will guide clinicians through the process of understanding and managing adult ICU patients, from patient selection and therapeutic interventions, to choice of outcome measures. This course is designed to inspire clinicians to reflect on and understand the clinical principles that promote best practices in the ICU and positively influence the recovery of patients.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
Identify and state function of basic equipment, lines, and tubes used in the ICU 

Identify different modes of ventilation and ventilator settings

Identify ICU patients who would benefit from early mobilization and ambulation using clinical decision making skills

Understand the importance and demonstrate the ability to write function oriented goals for ICU patients

Identify the role of multidisciplinary team members in the management of critical care patients

Synthesize information for use in clinical and academic practice

What others are saying:

"Chris speaks with enthusiasm and passion presenting her information clearly with solid experience backing her up.I left the seminar feeling prepared to do a better job working in ICU/CCU."
Janet Duxbury, PT

"Chris is invigorating!  Her passion and expertise seep through her skin and into your brain.  This course is a must for any OT or PT working in the ICU." - N DeNicoloa, OT

"Chris's passion and energy about the care of patients with critical illness is truly inspirational!  I have been to many of her courses and can never hear the material too many times." - T. Haney, PT

"This course is an absolute must for anyone who works in an ICU setting."-Lisa Gentzler, PT

"This is the ICU education I should have had since day one! Thank you! Chris had a passion for her work resembling almost her passion in life. It was inspiring to learn from her and I'm looking forward to implementing my new found skills to change lives."-Chris, OT



Christiane Perme

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Session 1 November 23-24, 2019
Englewood, NJ (Map)

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