Geriatric Neurology in the Medically Complex Client

Course Description:

Learn evaluation and treatment protocols most appropriate for medically complex older persons with neurological dysfunction. This course will focus on clinical decision making to prioritize key exam findings and develop appropriate treatment strategies in light of complex presentations and co-morbidities. Modifying functional mobility training and therapeutic exercise will be discussed.

Evidence-based information on specific neurological assessment and treatment of older clients with Parkinsons Disease, Stroke, Alzheimers Disease, balance and gait disorders, neuro-sensory pathologies, and pain problems will be provided. An evaluative model for looking at neurological dysfunction from a complex medical perspective across the spectrum of care will be addressed. The major pathologies that will be highlighted include Parkinsons disease, Cerebral Vascular Accidents, and the neurological manifestations of Alzheimers disease. A focus on balance and falls, functional mobility, evaluation of numerous causes of dizziness and physical changes, and treatment interventions aimed at decreasing the incidence of falls will also be included.

At the conclusion of this course the participant will be able to:

Identify treatment strategies that promote optima lmobility and function.

Modify functional mobility training and therapeutic exercise appropriate for the frail elderly and medically complex neurologic patient.

Identify strategies that decrease length of stay, decrease readmission and keep patients at home promoting functional mobility and independence.

Determine appropriate assessment and intervention approaches in light of complex physiologic presentation and co-morbidities.

Evaluate clients with Parkinsons, Stroke, Alzheimer's Disease utilizing multiple physical and functional assessment tools and design effective treatment interventions to maximize function.

Develop specific approaches to assess and intervene with balance and falls in the older person using a variety of screening and evaluative tools and innovative interventions including environmental design.

Understand the key exam findings in light of complex neurologically involved patients which impact clinical decision making in prioritizing treatment approaches.



What others are saying:

"Jennifer's passion for what she does is contagious in her presentation. I loved the real-life stories that added humor. I would definitely attend another seminar with her!" -Courtney Harris, PT

"I recently attended the course, 'Geriatric Neurology in the Medically Complex Client', presented by Dr. Jennifer Bottomley. I wish to thank her again for coming to Scranton, PA, and hope that she will return again in the near future to present more of her courses. She presented a wealth of knowledge with enthusiasm and humor. It is obvious that her great knowledge and many accomplishments, which have benefited our senior population and PT profession, are driven by her compassion. I left feeling that I not only learned many new assessment and treatment ideas, but was also inspired!" -Staci Jampo

"This course was fantastic and very informative. It provided a great overview of the most common neurologic diagnosis seen in the geriatric population, and is directly applicable to my everyday practice in an acute inpatient rehab setting. I enjoyed it very much!" -Anthony J. Russo, PT

"Fortunate is the student who has Jennifer Bottomley for an instructor and mentor, and fortunate is the patient who has her for a physical therapist! She is what we all should aspire to be. Information is presented clearly and concisely with a dose of humor to keep it entertaining and maintain our attention span. Her love and her knowledge of her subject matter shine through, as does her compassion and empathy for those with whom she works. The information she presents is practical and doesn't require lots of time or expensive equipment. "- Barbara Williams



Jennifer Bottomley

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