Feeding Problems: Evidence Based Interventions

Course Description:

This course offers a systematic, comprehensive approach to the best practices for clinical management of children who have complex feeding and swallowing problems that dont respond to treatment as expected. It provides a balance of theory, research, and therapeutic application to pull it all together. Participants will be armed with evidence-based treatment strategies for children with a wide range of issues, such as aspiration, autism, behavioral issues, gastrointestinal reflux, non-oral feeders, oral motor dysfunction, PDD, respiratory illness, sensory issues and trach/vent issues.

What others are saying:

Angela is an excellent presenter easy to follow, beautifully organized, and uses practical information. The perfect balance between theory and practice. Maxine K Orringer, SLP

Angela was an excellent speaker very animated and personal in her teaching method. She was open to all of my questions and took time to explain complicated information. Melissa Dominick, OT

Appropriate and relevant information given by a personable and knowledgeable speaker. Angela gave a very thorough presentation with evidence based information. Tammy Nash, SLP



Angela Mansolillo

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