Examination of the Hip, Knee and Ankle, A Symptom Reproduction Approach

Course Description:

The lab intensive course will present the Cyriax approach to the examination and treatment of non-surgical problems and orthopedic problems of the hip, knee and ankle. It will integrate the teachings of Mulligan for the treatment of such non-surgical problems as capsulitis and loose bodies. This course is particularly useful for the physical therapist and PTA working in an out-patient setting providing care for patients with athletic injuries, industrial accidents and those with pain associated with osteoarthritis.

The information presented in this course is primarily applicable to individuals who are old enough to participate in sports, industrial employment and others who are prone towards overuse of their soft tissues and weight bearing joints.

Course Objectives:

Upon Conclusion of this course the participant shall be able to:

a. Describe Cyriax's Principles of referred pain and selective tissue tension.

b. Perform and interpret Cyriax's physical examination of the hip, knee and ankle.

c. Apply deep friction massage in the treatment of ligamentous, muscular and tendinous lesion.

d. Apply selected Mulligan's mobilization with movement techniques at the hip, knee and ankle.


Russell Woodman