Examination and Treatment of Mechanical Disorders of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine: A Symptom Reproduction Approach

Course Description:

This course will present an integration of the Cyriax,Maitland, McKenzie, Edeling and Mulligan approachesfor the examination and treatment ofcervical and thoracic derangement. Special emphasiswill be placed on cervicogenic headaches.Lab experience will include how to perform a selectivetissue tension examination and the applicationof joint mobilization for increasing spinal range ofmotion and decreasing pain in patients with mechanical derangement

Upon completion of this course the participant shallbe able to:
1. Describe Cyriax\'s theories on referred pain andselective tissue tension testing.
2. Perform and interpret a cervical examination inorder to identify a mechanical derangementand those clinical findings consistent with muscular lesions, arthritis, tumor and fractures.
3. Perform and interpret a thoracic examination inorder to identify a mechanical derangementand those clinical findings consist with muscularlesions, arthritis, tumors and fractures.
4. Apply McKenzie for the self reduction of mechanicalderangement.
5. Apply Mulligan and Maitland mobilization approachesin the treatment of mechanical derangementof the cervical and thoracic spine.

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