Evidence Based Practice in Treatment in Parkinson's Disease, MS, Stroke and Other Neurologic Disorders

Course Description:

In this intensive treatment course participants will learn to use evidence based treatment interventions applicable to four neurodegenerative disorders: MS, Parkinson's Disease, (PD) ALS, and Transverse Myelitis (TM). Although these NDDs can be chronic and progressive this course will provide relevant treatment interventions that address the activity demands of meaningful engagement in daily life tasks. Through application of systematic approach to analyze performance patterns, interventions that address motor control, cognition, balance, fatigue, nutrition, sleep, and exercise will be discussed and examined. Participants will engage in case studies that require application of knowledge attainment in order to transfer these skills into the clinic. Focus is on effective evidence based treatment strategies that promote and maintain optimal participation in purposeful occupations throughout the lifespan.

Participants will be able to:

• Apply evidence based treatment approaches to individuals with NDD across the lifespan in order to promote meaningful participation in life roles.

• Develop relevant and individualized home exercise programs that promote participation in daily life tasks.

• Establish effective outcome measures that demonstrate the effectiveness of evidence based treatment approaches for the NND population.

• Promote a systematic approach to treatment for those individuals with NND across the lifespan and in all practice settings.