Best Practices in Home Care

Course Description:

As society ages and medical treatments advance, many older adults are living at home with complex medical problems. Home health care has become more complicated and requires specialized, advanced skills.This course is designed to provide physical and occupational therapists with the most up-to-date, evidenced-based techniques for assessment and treatment of the medically complex geriatric home care patient in order to prevent hospital re-admissions and promote mobility and function. The most recent Medicare changes, research, tests and tools will be discussed. Participants will also learn how to access the best current evidence using the internet to make best practice decisions for their patients. Analysis of complex cases will help participants advance their clinical decision making skills.

Upon completion of this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Accurately assess vital signs, pain, mental status, wounds, heart and lung sounds.
  • Identify patients that require emergent and non-emergent referral for medical or allied health assessment.
  • Integrate evidenced-based diagnostic tests and screening tools into practice.
    Develop a therapeutic plan of care based on the medical status of the complex home care patient.
  • Institute a falls prevention program in their home care agency.
  • Understand the effects of common medications used by complex home care patients.
  • Locate the current best evidence for therapeutic assessment and treatment of the geriatric home care patient.
  • Understand the latest Medicare home health care regulatory changes.

What others are saying:

"Best practices in Home Care was truly a well presented course. Suzanne Clark is very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. I will definitely use and incorporate the information presented which will make me a better home care physical therapist. I benefit & my patients benefit." - Yvette Latty

"Suzanne presented information thoroughly and practically related to patient care. Case studies were used to bring information together, and assist clinicians in systematic reviews + discussions of interventions. This is a course that can be applied directly to patient care tomorrow!" - Kristin DeSombre

"An excellent review of current evidence based on treatment and assessment tools, this course also provided several specific approaches that I plan to incorporate in my practice." - Ken Forrest, PT

"Excellent course with lots of practical, useful information!." -Jennifer Smith, PT

"This was an excellent experience which was as worthwhile for our 15 years veteran as it was for the OT with only one year's Home Care experience. I would recommend this program for any Home Care therapist and would anticpate marked improvement in enthusiasm and expertize as a result of attending." -Sue Rushfirth

"This was a great course for someone entering the field of home care. I am taking home very valuable and useful information -Margaret Ward, OT


Suzanne Clark

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