Baby Steps: Building Ambulation Interventions for Infants and Young Children with Posture and Movement Dysfunction

Course Description:

The continuing education hours obtained at this course qualify toward NDTA re-certification

How do you maximize your time and target gait in your interventions with infants and toddlers? This course will focus on pre and early ambulation in a population that is predisposed to rapid and dramatic changes: the birth to three population. We will examine typical and atypical preparation for, and development of, ambulation in the infant and toddler. And determine how best to incorporate activities into their natural environment and routines.The impact of biomechanics, the neuromuscular system, the sensory system, orthotics, and assistive equipment will be integrated as participants learn to build intervention strategies to address ambulation early and effectively in infants and toddlers with diagnoses such as CP, developmental delay, prematurity, and Down Syndrome

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Recognize and mediate adverse influences of the biomechanical, neuromuscular, and other body systems (respiratory, visual, sensory, GI, etc) on the development of ambulation in infants and toddlers.
2. Develop and use pre-ambulation interventions to build the capacity for ambulation and teach families/caregivers to incorporate into the child's daily routine.
3. Develop and execute effective, evidence based intervention programs to improve ambulation by selecting from a wide variety of approaches and supports including handling, treadmill, taping, and garments.
4. Use principles of benefit versus cost as well as current evidence in selecting and progressing orthotics, temporary foot supports, and equipment to enhance functional early ambulation and preserve the quality of later ambulation.

What others are saying:

"FANTASTIC Course!!! I had so many ideas, theories, and treatment ideas to put to use the very next day in the clinic. Excellent balance between lecture & theory and lab activities. I especially enjoyed learning to many new handling activities. I would highly, highly recommend this course to [a] therapist of all skill & experience levels."

"Excellent, enjoyable, flexible! Excellent integration of audiences and clinical knowledge and information."

"Jan's course was absolutely amazing! This course is applicable for all pediatric PTs in all settings. She really provides a thorough explanation of gait and how movement in all positions affects gait. I highly recommend this course!"-B. Shain, PT

"Jan is a wonderful, knowledgeable instructor who teaches the material in a very interactive way. I learned many techniques that I feel will be very useful in the clinic"

"Jan was absolutely great! She is very knowledgeable; had clear examples and the facilitation techniques she taught were easy to learn. She covered a wide range of material; I would highly recommend this course to any pediatric PT or OT!"

"Good mix of didactic and lab with practical, functional approach/focus. Great insight into gait development in typical as well as atypical development."

"Jan was born to teach this! You can tell she is passionate about it, she does an amazing job of giving you a vast wealth of knowledge in a short period of time, yet makes it clear and relatable for new graduates to experienced therapists. There was so much useful, practical information! I can't wait to get back to start using it! Thank you Jan!!"-Barb McColgan, PT

"Jan's passion is evident in her teaching. She is very knowledgeable and teaches the course well. She is one of the best speeches."-Cathy Trapani, PT


Jan McElroy

Session 1 June 21-23, 2019
Bayside, NY (Map)

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Session 2 December 6-8, 2019
Houston, TX (Map)

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