Advanced Course: Combining NDT and SI for Optimal Function in Children with Neuromotor Challenges

Course Description:

The continuing education hours obtained at this course qualify toward NDTA re-certification.

This course is designed for experienced clinicians who want to maximize their assessment, treatment planning, and intervention skills to achieve more efficient and effective outcomes when working with children with neurological challenges confounded by sensory processing, orthopedic and often behavior issues. This lab intensive course will focus on integrating handling skills along with using the most up to date evidence to guide clinical decisions and treatment.

Participants will:
Analyze the functional challenges of children with neuromotor challenges in the context of the frameworks of sensory integration, neurodevelopmental treatment and motor learning.

Apply a task analysis model to identify the essential system requirements for performance of functional skills.

Integrate current knowledge of the central nervous system mechanisms for registration, regulation, and attention as they relate to motor performance and functional tasks.

Identify behaviors, indicating motor and sensory challenges in children that compromise function and articulate treatment strategies for management.

Enhance handling skills utilizing the synergy of sensation and movement in treatment intervention to gain functional outcomes.

What others are saying:

"Lezlie's enthusiasm to teach her knowledge was infectious. She is thorough and does a great job checking back in with the group to be sure everyone is on the same page. She takes the time to answer questions while managing her time to cover all areas of the presentation. I feel very luck to learn from someone so passionate to the field and treatment!" - Kaitlin Durkin, OT

"The instructor was extremely educated and well-versed in the treatment type. Her personality and classroom interaction was superb. I highly recommend this course due to content and instructor! Great course!"-Emily Delimpo, PT

"A great course! The instructor, Lezlie Adler is very knowledgeable and taught the NDT, SI and motor Learning frameworks in an easy and concise manner. Her sense of humor was a wonderful bonus to her teaching. It gave me a lot of great information that I can immediately take into the clinic and include in my treatment sessions."

"Lezlie is incredibly insightful and dynamic in her approach to providing children with evidence based individualized treatment. The course material was extremely practical and I walked away with ideas for treatment strategies for every single patient I have."-Natalia Adams, PT


Lezlie Adler